The adoptive father of Erica Parsons was strongly deceptive to questions on the Dr. Phil show about whether he deliberately caused Erica s disappearance, a polygraph expert said on the show.

The expert, Jack Trimarco, said he asked the father, Sandy Parsons, two questions: did he deliberately cause Erica s disappearance and did he have a plan to cause her disappearance?

Trimarco told Dr. Phil he fully explained the meaning of the questions to Parsons, and he understood them.

He was what I consider strongly deceptive to both relevant questions, Trimarco told the host, Dr. Phil McGraw.

Do you think he knows something he s not telling us? Dr. Phil asked.

He does, Trimarco responded.

The polygraph results were presented in the second of a two-part show, which airs at 4 p.m. Wednesday. The show aired at 9 a.m. on WRAL in Raleigh-Durham area.

The show s second part comes the same day the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on Wednesday released an age-progressed photo of Erica Parsons.

Casey says Erica didn t take a suitcase with her when she went to live with Nan why?

Erica, who has been missing since 2011, is the subject of a widening hunt by investigators from Rowan County, the state and the FBI.

Why do you say you re not concerned today?

Sandy Persons wife, Casey, did not take the polygraph exam because she described herself as being in severe pain. Trimarco said he opted not to give her the test because

pain can interfere with the psychological reactions that might be confused with deception.

Trimarco said he didn t ask whether Sandy Parsons had killed Erica because we don t know if she is dead, so that would not be a good question.

The Parsonses attorney, Carlyle Sherrill, said his client may have misunderstood the question.

Hear from the woman who says she hired Casey to be her surrogate and who strongly denies Casey's abortion claims.

We know that there are problems in what Sandy and Casey have been saying as far as logically, Sherrill said. I don t know if he misinterpreted the question as far as the fact that they did in fact deliver her (to her grandmother) and she s gone now.

Dr. Phil said the show offered to allow Casey Parsons to take pain medication and return for the test the next day. She refused, he said. She was hospitalized last week for emergency surgery.

Sherrill appeared on the show when the polygraph results were revealed. The Pearsonses did not.

You believe that she was going to broker that baby to another couple?

Dr. Phil said they offered to have them return to the show or appear by a satellite feed but they refused.

The results of polygraph examinations are not admissible in court in North Carolina. Scientists question whether polygraphers can identify liars by interpreting measurements of blood pressure, sweat activity and respiration.

The show was taped in Hollywood last week two weeks after Erica Parsons was reported missing by her adoptive brother James.

Casey Parsons and her husband, Sandy, have said they dropped their daughter off with her biological grandmother, whom they identified as Irene Goodman or Nan.

When it comes time to take the polygraphs, only one person completes the task. What happened?

The Parsonses told talk show Dr. Phil that they hadn t seen Erica, then 13, since leaving the girl with Nan in December 2011 at a Mooresville McDonald s. Police, however, say they haven t been able to locate Nan or determine if she actually exists. Dr. Phil said it defies common sense that they would leave a girl with someone, have no contact for almost two years, and never report her missing.

The Parsonses veracity is at issue in the case, and a Michigan woman who hired Casey Parsons to be a surrogate mother in 2002 told McGraw she distrusts Casey.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said that Casey, after a few weeks of pregnancy, said she had had a miscarriage. Then about six months after she had supposedly lost the baby, the Michigan woman found out Casey was still carrying the child.

She was taking money from at least two other couples while she was pregnant with my child, the woman said. Casey set out to steal our child. There s not a doubt about it.

Dr. Phil reads the results of the polygraph test. Why are Casey and Sandy not present?

Casey Parsons said her sister caused the controversy by calling the intended parents and saying Casey was trying to sell their baby. She also told Dr. Phil that the Michigan

woman had wanted Casey to abort because she thought she was carrying a girl, and the couple wanted a boy. The Michigan woman said that was a complete lie.

The woman said that she finally got the baby after threatening legal action against Parsonses.

Dr. Phil appealed to the public at the end of the show to help find Erica.

Somebody knows something about what happened to this little girl, he said. Come forward, come forward. He offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who delivers Erica alive and unharmed to a law enforcement officer.

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