SALISBURY, N.C. -- Casey Parsons father, James Stone, says he was about to report Erica Parsons missing when he learned his grandson already had.

Stone also says he saw his daughter allegedly abuse Erica on two occasions, including once by pulling Erica to the ground by her own hair.

Stone, who was in a juvenile court hearing for Casey Thursday in Rowan County Court, says he does not think Casey should get custody of her two children, given the allegations and circumstances surrounding Erica's disappearance.

The juvenile allegation, according to the family attorney, is that Casey and Sandy Parsons allegedly abused or neglected their 7 year-old son and 9 year-old daughter.

The allegations arose after DSS removed the kids the Parsons' Salisbury home August 1, after an older son reported Erica missing.

Stone says Erica would stand there and take the alleged abuse, as if frozen by fear.

Abuse is also what investigators allege in search warrants, claiming both Casey and Sandy repeatedly abused Erica before she went missing.

It's enough for Stone to say his daughter should not get custody of her own kids.

He and his wife are watching those kids now.

But Sandy Parsons' father William disagrees, despite the abuse allegations, and while Erica is nowhere to be found.

They're good. They love their kids, so I hope this mess will be over with soon, William Parsons said. I want to stand by my boy. I got to do that.

The Parsons deny any abuse or harm allegations, claiming Erica went to live her grandmother and they haven't seen her since.

Nobody has been arrested or charged with Erica's disappearance.

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