CHARLOTTE, N.C. Days before thousands of people turn out for UNC Charlotte 49ers inaugural football season in their new stadium, tow truck companies are already cracking down on students parking illegally nearby.

Tuesday morning, a tow truck targeted the Mallard Pointe shopping center on North Tryon Street near UNC Charlotte s campus, directly across from the new stadium. Multiple cars were booted.

It was at least half a dozen of them I observed, and two of them he towed away completely, said T.J. Jackson, who observed from a coffee shop.

Jackson is not a student and was parked legally, but says he watched the tow truck driver target offending college students.

He watched them get out of their car, put on their book sack and walk across the street.

NBC Charlotte surveyed the parking lot, and it appears to comply with the city s new predatory parking regulations, and has several warning signs clearly posted at entrances. There s even a sign that reads, No Game Day Parking. The signs are not posted in front of the parking spaces, as the law suggests but does not mandate.

As students came back from classes Tuesday, they discovered a note on their windows explaining the fine, along with a clamp on their rear tire. The standard booting fine is $50.

The tow truck driver, who wouldn t provide his name to NBC Charlotte, broke the news to several students in person.
Just be glad you're not one of the ones on the back of this tow truck, because that $120, he said.

He provided simple guidelines for students, and football fans.
You park here, and you leave to another establishment, you're trespassing, he said.

UNC Charlotte has a detailed parking plan for game day traffic.

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