CONCORD, N.C. Sunday there was no word on what caused a suite window to break and shatter onto race goers.

The incident happened sometime Saturday during the Bank of America 500 Race.

The window just shattered during mid part of the race and dropped onto us fans in that section, said Kevin Fox in a tweet to NBC Charlotte.

The photo tweeted showed what remained, a corner piece of ridged broken glass.

Charlotte Motor Speedway Officials tell a pane of glass broke inward and a few pieces fell forward and down into the crowd.

Thought some drunk was (throwing) stuff. Nope, just glass falling from above. My head is a little sore, (a) few cuts on mom (and) I, tweeted Fox shortly after the incident.

According to officials, six fans were evaluated or treated those involved were released from medical care and returned to the race, officials said.

Speedway officials said the suite was unoccupied during the race.

No idea (why), just minor cuts and sore heads, tweeted Fox to NBC Charlotte.

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