MATTHEWS, N.C. -- The community comes together to make sure a little boy comes home. It s how Facebook is helping make an adoption happen.

It may not always be a smooth ride at the Braniff household, but it is definitely always a fun one with big sister Kennedy, 6, and Shelby, 5.

Mom Angela had rough pregnancies with both.

So we kind of felt like that was God shutting the door. We were done having biological children. And I was like Okay, let s move forward with adoption, she says.

They adopted 2-year-old Noah from the Congo and were looking to grow their family once more this past summer.

Right before she was due, she just changed her mind. We were prepared for a baby that didn't come so it was very hard.

Then a few weeks ago, they decided to start the adoption process again.

We never expected in a million years it would happen like it did.

They got a call that a baby boy was born, and he needed a home. The family had just a few weeks to come up with $10,000.

I put it on my blog and then shared it on Facebook.

The response was overwhelming.

People just started donating and donating. You know the little thing that goes off on my computer every time it happens. It was just like bing, bing, bing. I posted it about noon on Tuesday. Within 4 hours we had half of the money.

By the next day, they had the full amount.

We ve just been blown away. I still feel like were in shock we cannot even believe that that happened.

They are planning to bring son Jonah home in two weeks.

People are still good, and they still care, and they want to help. And I think everybody wants to see that Disney movie happy ending. They want to see a little boy get a family.

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