CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- On any given Sunday at a Panthers home game, you can often find people dancing in the stands and players jamming on the field during warm-ups.

And one man is helping make it all happen. NBC Charlotte got exclusive access to the Panthers DJ when the team played the Falcons.

It is gameday in Charlotte. A perfect Carolina blue sky day. The kind of day when everyone is just in a good mood.

The music helps. Both on the way to the stadium and once you get inside, where the fans aren't the only ones getting excited for the game.

Vinny Esposito is the Bank of America Stadium DJ.

I take suggestions from people all the time and then I just basically what do I feel is right, I go by emotions and feeling most of the time, he said.

The warm-up songs are handpicked.

I go to the songs that the players want, clean and edited.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has his favorites.

He comes out like flying so when he does that I switch to one of the songs he requested. As Cam put it to me, we gotta be gladiators get ready to go into battle, I want to get psyched!

Esposite says he gets several different music genres from the players.

A lot of them like the hip-hop and then there's other guys who like the country, rock and everything else mixed in.

There are some requests he has to ignore.

Bad language or inappropriate, you dont want to talk about strippers and things like that some of these songs have you gotta make sure its edited.

Esposito loves seeing the players moving to his beat.

I know I helped that little percent I helped get them in a better frame of mind to play.

Most of the game, he decides what to play on the fly.

Think of it, you push a button and now you have players and later on you have fans getting in to music that you're playing.

Some say his plays matter almost as much to the mood as the ones on the field.

Becuase music is emotion so if you ride the emotion of the game, youre just adding to it.

Esposito also owns his own company, Split Second Sound is one of the most popular DJ companies for events in Charlotte.

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