ALBERMARLE, N.C. -- One suspect has been captured and the hunt is on for a second man following a wild shootout this morning in Albermarle, which police believe resulted from a drug deal.

It happened outside of a home on Lincoln Street at the corner with Glendale Avenue.

Investigators say a man and his son were outside the home when they say a car pulled up and someone in the car started shooting at them.

Police have not released any names of those involved.

Albermarle Police Chief William Halliburton described what the son, who is in his 20s, said happened next when the gunfire started.

He stated that his father happened to be there and engaged the vehicle in gunfire. There were shots back and forth, said the chief.

The car was disabled by the gunfire and two men inside jumped out and ran towards some nearby woods.

One of the suspects got away. The other one knocked on the back door of Leon Brown who was eating his breakfast.

Brown said the man told him he needed to use his phone.

He said, 'I just got myself in trouble. They tried to kill me.'

Brown said the man then started running through the yard until Brown's son could tackle him and hold him until police arrived.

Investigators search around the disabled car and found a bag of cocaine.

Just by the look of it, it was about an ounce, so that is a fairly large amount, said the chief.

Leon Brown, who had no idea about the earlier shootout, said he felt fortunate.

Things got wild and I am just thankful that nobody got killed, he said.

Chief Halliburton agreed, For the number of shots fired into that vehicle and from the vehicle, it is a miracle that no one was hurt, he said.

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