CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A grand jury has indicted CMPD officer Randall Kerrick in the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell.

It's the second time in a week Kerrick's case went before a grand jury, but this time it ended with different results.

This is what prosecutors and Jonathan Ferrell's family have been seeking -- A true bill of indictment for involuntary manslaughter with 14 grand jurors agreeing with the charge, and agreeing this should move on in Superior Court.

Four witnesses testified or presented evidence to the grand jury, including two CMPD police officers and two SBI investigators.

It was a different grand jury that the one last week, which chose not to indict officer Kerrick hearing after hearing from two witnesses and seeing some evidence. That grand jury not only didn't indict, but asked prosecutors to consider a lesser charge.

That led to Monday s court battle with Kerrick's attorneys, who tried to prevent a second grand jury from hearing the case, saying, Just because prosecutors didn't like the answer doesn't mean they should get a do-over.

Prosecutors say nothing in state law prevents them from re-submitting the case, and the judge agreed Monday morning. The case then went before the second grand jury.

Roughly five hours later, members indicted Kerrick.

Indictments are typical. Last week, Kerrick was the only person not indicted out of 277 cases before the grand jury.

Ferrel's family issued the following statement:

We are grateful that the Grand Jury has carefully considered the evidence against Randall Kerrick and returned an indictment for the crime of voluntary manslaughter. Shooting an unarmed man 10 times can never be justified under these circumstances.

We thank Attorney General Roy Cooper and his staff for their professionalism and their efforts in securing an indictment that appropriately reflects the seriousness of this crime.

We will persevere in our quest for justice for not just Jonathan, but all law abiding citizens. After all, what happened to him that night could happen to any of us.

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