HOUSTON -- You can teach your kids to be wary of strangers but sometimes warnings are not enough. Because of that, a new smartphone app can now alert you in the event your child is abducted.

It is called The Lassy Project and Denver-based entrepreneur John Guydon launched it last year.

The free app allows parents to designate safe zones for their kids. Should a child stray more than 30 feet from a zone with their phone, GPS will catch it and alert parents.

Parents can then alert anyone with the app within the vicinity of where the child went missing. Those users would receive a name and picture, along with a real-time map of where the child is headed.

Ana Diaz of Rosenberg uses the app for her teen sons.

I feel at peace knowing they re safe at all times, which before I would have to constantly be calling them and they used to hate that, said Diaz.

Guydon said he came up with the idea after the disappearance and death of Jessica Ridgeway, a 5th grader from Colorado. His dream is to keep what happened to her from happening again.

I also dream of the day where kidnappers will notice, said Guydon.

Guydon points out the app has been downloaded in every state. But he knows its success ultimately depends on people who download and use it.

He also points out it s designed to screen out sex offenders.

Click here for more information about The Lassy Project.

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