MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- A 79-year-old woman said she needed to Get McGinty after an air duct cleaning company sold her expensive products, she now claims she didn t want or need. Did the company take advantage her? The woman s family thinks so.

Companies that clean the air ducts in your house do so to help you improve the quality of the air you breathe. One such company is Indoor Air Quality, and they did some work at Peggy Broome s house in December.

They cleaned eight of her air ducts for $660, and sold her a $199 washable electrostatic filter. But before they left, they also sold Peggy an $1,100 ultra violet solar light that would sanitize the air inside the ductwork. Peggy doesn t have any pets and her house isn t all that big, so her daughter didn t think it was necessary and felt like her mother might have been taken advantage of.

I was shocked at the amount. I looked at the bill and my jaw dropped, said Malia Alexander, Peggy s daughter.

The bill totaled $2,114.84 for a two-hour service call. Peggy s family did some investigating and found the same light on EBay for $116, and I found an electrostatic washable filter at home depot for under 35 bucks.

I contacted the managers at Indoor Air Quality this week and raised these very questions. They told me that Peggy was aware of what she was buying and her signature on the work order proves it. But, as an act of good faith toward their customer, the company is now offering Peggy a refund of $800 and she is expecting the check by early next week.

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