CROUSE, N.C. -- County Police seized 10 horses and two miniature ponies from a property in Gaston County on Tuesday.

Authorities say Molly Cate has been arrested and charged with 13 counts of failure to provide food and 13 counts of failure to provide proper veterinary care.

An eleventh horse was seized Wednesday after officials noticed a laceration on a rear leg.

Gaston County Police say the animals were seized after Cate failed to comply with veterinary recommendations for treatment and care of the animals.

Animal Control reported seeing 17 sick horses and two dogs with invalid vaccinations back in early December of last year. A vet treated the animals while Animal Control was on scene, and Cate was cited at the time for non-compliance violations.

Police say Cate has been the subject of other animal cruelty investigations dating back to December 2010.

She's held in the County Jail under a $26,000 bond.

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