BESSEMER CITY, N.C. A student at Bessemer City High School is one of two people charged following an investigation into a music video that was shot in a Bessemer City park, showing a group of young people rapping and waving around cash and a handgun.

The video that was posted on YouTube also shows some of those in the video smoking what is implied as being marijuana.

The video was recorded at a park on Crowders Mountain Road, and the City Manager calls it disturbing.

You know when we are using racial slurs, we re glorifying drug use, and then the weapon, it is, of course, a deep concern to us, said the manager, James Inman.

You can watch the video below. Warning: The video is heavily laced with explicit language.

Bessemer City Police arrested the 17-year-old high school student, who is charged with simple possession and drug possession.

Also charged is the man who police say was the director of the video, Billy Matthew Pope, who was charged with possession of LSD.

City Manager Inman thinks this appears to be a case where things got out of hand.

I think a large group of kids didn t realize that they were going to be spliced into the video things that were spliced into it. I think it was made into something that some of the kids did not realize it was going to be made into, Inman said.

Bessemer City is an old mill town with roots dating back to 1893, and the video was the talk of the town.

I thought it was bad, said Nina Friday as she walked down the city s main street.

I don t know what the world is coming to. This world is getting so bad. I just hope they get it straightened out, Friday added.

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