CHARLOTTE, N.C. A jury sentenced Justin Hurd to life in prison, allowing to avoid a possible death penalty, on Thursday evening.

Hurd was convicted earlier this week of the grisly killings of three people in Charlotte back in 2008.

Earlier Thursday the jury heard for the last time from prosecutors who asked them to impose the death penalty, and from Hurd's lawyers who asked for mercy.

What is wrong with mercy? Hurd's attorney, Carl Grant asked the jury.

Grant said three people had already lost their lives as a result of the crime and he told the jury that should be enough.

I ask you, when the killing will stop? asked Grant.

Prosecutor Clayton Jones, when it was his turn, told the jury, There is only one road in this case and that road leads to the cemetery.

Jones said Hurd deserved to die for the deaths of Kinshasa Wagstaff and Kevin Young, whose bodies were found in Wagstaff's burned out home on Patricia Ryan Drive.

Wagstaff's niece, Jasmine Hines was found later. She had been shot to death and her body was dumped on a roadside in Huntersville.

Jones called Hurd an enforcer for a New York drug cartel and said he had shown no mercy to his three victims.

They are not going to wake up in the morning in their own beds, surrounded by their families and loved ones. This is no fairy tale, Jones said.

The last thing the jury heard was Judge Robert Ervin reading them the law regarding the death penalty statute.

Following the sentence, Hurd said, My heart goes out to the familes affected by this.

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