City Manager Ron Carlee spoke to reporters Thursday afternoon, attempting to reassure the people of Charlotte and the people who work for the city that it was business as usual despite the situation with the former mayor.

Carlee spent the day talking with as many city staffers as possible, reaching many via a video conference. He says he is aware that several city departments are mentioned in the criminal affidavit, and he and others are cooperating with federal investigators. He would not talk about the ongoing investigation, so as not to jeopardize it.

I think yesterday was a more difficult day, people were shocked, disappointed, ran the full range of emotions for me as well. But today I think people are trying to get back to the business of government. We have a really big city to run and our services are 24/7. We just can't let this be a distraction to us.

Carlee is also clearly concerned with the city's reputation, doing his best to reassure potential developers, investors and event planners by saying Charlotte is a big city, a fun city that is more than just the mayor.

Carlee also said a city council meeting is scheduled for Monday night.

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