TEMPLE, Texas -- Each of them had deployed overseas and survived, only to be killed on home soil.

Danny Ferguson was 39 and from Florida. He'd been in the army since 1993.

Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez was 38 and from Puerto Rico. He joined in 1995.

Timothy Owens of Effingham, Illinois, was 37. He joined in 2004.

They had all served in Kuwait and Iraq. Ferguson had also been to Afghanistan.

Wednesday, one of their comrades, 34-year-old Ivan Lopez, shot and killed them after an argument with members of his own unit. Lopez had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

His underlying medical conditions are not a direct precipitating factor, said Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the commanding general at Fort Hood. We believe the immediate precipitating factor was more likely an escalating argument in his unit area.

Milley and Chris Grey, spokesman for the Army's Criminal Investigation Command, would not confirm what the argument was about, but did confirm some of the soldiers he argued with were shot.

Sixteen soldiers were injured. As of Friday afternoon, 10 had been discharged from hospitals and returned to duty. Three were still getting treatment at Darnell Army Hospital on post, and three remained at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple.

One of the soldiers wrote a note, which Sen. John Cornyn tweeted. It read, Sir how's everyone doing? Let everyone know I'm doing good and we'll all get through this as a family/team.

Milley said he had visited with each victim.

They're all strong, each of them is resilient. Their families are resilient, he said.

And he said many performed admirably in the crisis situation.

There are several cases of soldiers' performance that clearly indicate heroic action, in my view, Milley said. One was a chaplain, looks to me as if he probably saved some lives and suffered some injuries in the process.

There's another soldier who, although wounded, had the presence of mind in a difficult situation to throw another soldier into a room, close the door, and he dialed 911, he continued.

The investigation is in its early stages and Grey would not reveal much, but did say the crime scene is big. It encompasses almost a two city block area, he said, noting there are three scenes inside buildings and three scenes outdoors. Lopez fired shots from his car as he was driving between the buildings.

Ivan Lopez's father, Ivan Lopez, Sr., released a statement from Puerto Rico Friday. He called his son a calm family man. He asked for prayers for those affected and added, My son must not have been in his right mind, he wasn't like that.

A memorial service on post is being planned for Wednesday.


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