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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Superheroes washed windows at Charlotte's Hemby Children's Hospital Tuesday, delighting kids and their parents.

I hope they're careful and they don't fall off the ladder or something, said 9-year-old Mae Rainey as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk came into her room.

Nah, these guys are superheroes.

They usually save the day or something like that. Were they saving your day? MB

No, I didn't have any trouble. MR

They're not the only heroes you'll find here.

Mychael Kitriss, 9, has spent the last month in the hospital fighting leukemia.

I ve never been to a hospital before and I didn t know what was going to happen, she said.

It s been hard for mom Lisa to watch.

There were a few days that she just didn t think she was going to pull through it and I just kept telling her to fight like a girl.

She's getting her strength back, though nothing like her favorite superhero - the Hulk.

Every time he gets mad he had to go buy a new shirt. They re just cool and they save other people and that s really cool.

But Mom has a different take on the whole superhero thing.

She looks at those superheroes at being so much better. They do all these wonderful things and she has no idea how strong she s been, and that she s the ultimate superhero in all of this.

She's got the strength, now all she needs is the cape.

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