WARNING - Be advised before listening: there is graphic, profane language in this audio.

Defensive end for the Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy was arrested Tuesday for domestic violence charges. The 911 calls related to the alleged abuse have been released.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police released four 911 calls related to the incident at Hardy's uptown apartment Tuesday morning. None of the four calls were made by the alleged victim.

In the first 911 call, you hear a man, presumably Greg Hardy, say, I'm behind the bar. I'm not touching her. She's trying to hit me.

Continuing on, you hear the man says that a woman was swinging her hells at him, hitting him in the face.

She's refusing to leave. Told me to break her arm when I told her to leave, the man says in the first 911 call, ... She is using her fists and her heels. I have one of her heels now, the other is on the ground.

About 32 seconds in to the first 911 call, the man says what sounds like, I have a video tape of everything, but the voice is muffled and hard to make out.

At one point in the first call, you can hear a woman in the background screaming, You shouldn't have hit me.

Here are some other highlights from the calls:


:21-:26 we re trying to get her out of my house. She keeps running back in every time.

:41-:49 My assistant is trying to retain her. She s trying to break free, hit me with her heel. (unintelligible). She s trying to hit me with her shoe.

:53 She s (expletive). She broke some glass, man (expletive).

1:00-1:07 She s trying to hit me with another shoe. I m behind the bar. I m not touching her. My manager s retaining her. She s still trying to get me.

1:11-1:36 She won t let me close the door and I can t touch her to get her out. She s literally kicking and scratching while my manager s retaining her. She s (unintelligible) one of her heels right now. She s trying to hit me. She s hit me in the face twice. Can you please send someone to help me so my manager...

Operator: Do you need MEDIC?

(Keep her bro, keep her.)

Operator: Do you need MEDIC?

(Don t let her go. Don t let her go)

Operator: Do you need MEDIC?

I don t need a medic. She hit me in the face. I m fine, I m not bleeding or anything. It s a little swollen but I m fine.

1:40-1:42 (woman yelling in background)
You shouldn t have hit me. You shouldn t have hit me.

2:15-2:28 I m inside the apartment trying to get out. She s literally blocking, like, she s at the door. Won t leave. We re trying, we ve been trying to get her to leave for an hour. I ve asked her to leave a thousand times and she hit me in the face twice. I m trying to walk around her. I can t walk through my kitchen. There s glass, she broke glass.

The next call (technically the third call, but second in the video above) into dispatch is a concierge of the building, who advises dispatch that a man and woman are fighting in a room upstairs. In the background, you can hear a woman talking over the concierge saying she saw and heard a woman being beaten upstairs.

:23 - :38 (woman) Some girl s getting her (expletive) beat upstairs. And I heard it. And I seen it. He is beating her (expletive) right the (expletive) now. So get here now.
Operator: ok so what?
I was in the apartment. He s beating her (expletive).

1:18-1:32 (man) So uh she was in the front room. The other girl getting beat up, she was in the back room. (Woman) We need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt. Now.

In the last call, a neighbor tells dispatch that he wants to report more info, but doesn't want to use his name because he is afraid of his neighbor, saying he's 6-foot-4, 290 pounds.

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