CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- The state DOT has found the money to re-route a dangerous intersection after an I-team investigation.

The NC DOT has secured money to re-design the intersection of Reames Road and Metromont Industrial.

Two years ago Steve Hance was killed at that intersection after an 18-wheeler t-boned his Jeep Cherokee

Hance was a friend NewsChannel 36's Stuart Watson, who also lived in the area at time.

Hance's wife says she'll never forget getting the phone call about her husband's accident.

I got a phone call from someone at the trauma center at CMC saying he had been in an accident, recalls Carol Hance, Steve's wife.

Carol asked friends and neighbors to write letters to the DOT to get the intersection redesigned.

I wasn't holding them responsible for what happened to Steve, but I know that they are strongly committed to safety, and could be part of the solution, says Carol.

She dug up accident reports of other crashes at the same corner and the DOT listened.

We drive the roads, and our families drive the roads, just as everyone else, and we want to see them as safe as possible, says Scott Cole with the NC DOT.

The re-design will force heavy trucks to slow down before turning off of Reames onto Metromont Industrial.

Cole says while they have the money to begin the re-design, it's still going to take until next spring or summer to move dirt.

First, the state has to acquire a right of way and design the new intersection.

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