CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hurricane Arthur won't have any impact on fireworks here, but a change in venue might. This year, the uptown fireworks display is moving from Memorial Stadium to BB&T Ballpark.

In years past, big events have come with violence, but over the last couple of July 4th celebrations, arrests have been down. This time around, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they'll be on bikes and in carts to get around the ballpark and Bearden Park. They have declared this as an extraordinary event, meaning they'll have extra power to search and arrest people.

One thing they are concerned about is where people are going to stop to watch the fireworks.

Last year we had the Central Avenue bridge was a popular stopping spot, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Capt. Mike Campagna, We anticipate we could see them on I-77, we could see them on some other major thoroughfares, and it s very important to us as part of our traffic plan to keep those cars moving.

Campagna recommended Bearden Park, or some of the gravel parking lots off Mint and Graham Street if you're looking for a spot to watch the fireworks, which will start when the ballgame ends. They also say they're trying to keep road closures to a minimum around the park and ballpark.

One thing that's not changing is the curfew. If you're 13 or younger and aren't with your parents, you can't be out past ten. If you're 15 or younger, you need to be out of Uptown by 11.

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