CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More breweries and taprooms could soon start popping up around Charlotte-- much closer to your home than you'd think.

Monday night, an amendment was passed saying breweries with taprooms can be located 100 feet from residential properties in urban commercial districts, down from the 400-foot buffer they were previously given.

What does this mean for you? Even Charles Rhyne, who's lived across the street from two breweries in NoDa for years, is a little apprehensive.

"I don't know if I want them to be literally building a brewery right next door to my house," Rhyne said.

Birdsong Brewing Company already had expansion plans in the works, looking to move right down the road to a warehouse on North Davidson Street.

The other brewery close by is NoDa Brewing Company. Owner Todd Ford says fewer restrictions mean more expansion options.

"It just makes more properties in consideration; right now it gives us more opportunities to choose from better properties," Ford said.

Rhyne enjoys living close to the two breweries, saying they don't smell, there aren't any issues with noise and that they're bringing more businesses and people to the neighborhood. Still, he understands the concerns people may have if a brewery gets built really close to their homes.

"Ask the questions that need to be asked," Rhyne said, "Is it loud? What time do you close?"

The city's planning department says this only applies to breweries that also operate as eating and drinking establishments, like the two we spoke with, which both have taprooms.

The 100 feet of separation is specifically for the city's urban commercial districts like NoDa. Any other commercial district still needs to follow the 400-foot rule.

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