CONCORD, N.C. -- North Carolina lawmakers decided not to have a back to school, tax free weekend this year.

That's a tough break for local business, but what if you're the state's largest attraction? Well, you hold your own tax free weekend.

In the world of outlet malls, Charlotte shoppers have a lot to choose from.

"We were disappointed just like everybody else that they took away our tax free holiday," Nancy Gray of the Concord Mills said.

That's why almost every retail store at Concord Mills is part of a tax free weekend this weekend. Most stores have agreed to discount their goods by at least the amount taxes would have cost you.

Shoppers have a lot to like.

"Yeah, we were actually talking about that, why are there so many sales going on? We were actually really happy," Dulce Giermanski, a shopper, said.

It is too early to tell if this will happen every year, but Concord Mills didn't get to be Concord Mills without making people happy to come back.

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