FORT MILL, S.C. -- Ft. Mill welcomes new jobs and development but residents fear the growing pains will turn their quaint town into an overcrowded one.

"We've got almost 2,000 new homes going up out there," said Ft. Mill resident, Kelly Wascher.

Wascher loves the feel of her town and hopes it responsibly grows with the times.

The Ft. Mill Planning Department reports a spike of residential and commercial building permits over the last year and Wascher worries the influx has come too fast.

"There are areas at certain times especially during school hours, school start and end of day that traffic seems to really bog down," said Wascher.

City Council recently approved a 150 acre residential development off Pleasant and Vista Roads.

"Well I think we want to grow smart," said Ft. Mill City Councilman Tom Adams

Adams says despite the talk of a moratorium on development he believes other measures will work better especially considering York County and Tega Cay would need to be on board.

"In some cases it's still developed without water and sewer, with well and septic. And then we still get the traffic, we still get the negative effects of all the roof tops, but we don't have access to that tax base," said Adams.

Adams says one solution is tying development to the completion of new roads and interchanges.

"We want to maintain the character of Ft. Mill and that's what brings people here," said Adams.

Wascher agrees steps should be taken before houses go in.

"Consider traffic studies, surveys, to assess the need to expand on the infrastructure long before adding more volume to those already strained roads," said Wascher.

Adams says the town also plans to phase in development over many years to stagger the increased traffic.

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