CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte now has its own doomsday prepper store, which is about to open on South Boulevard near Clanton Road.

Owner Ralph Broome says there are plenty of people worried something really bad is coming and they need to protect their families.

He says there's enough demand for it that he is sinking a good bit of his money into it.

"They're looking for everything and anything," Broome said while walking through his store Monday.

You will find tactical gear, gas masks, water purification systems, seeds and food boxes with a 25-year shelf life on shelves inside. Broome calls the products insurance against worst case scenarios.

Broome says that list includes concerns about martial law, chaos, full economic collapse, nuclear disasters, natural disasters and electro-magnetic pulses from the sun, which could put people in panic mode trying to provide for their families.

"They don't know if its tomorrow, they don't know if its next year or five years down the road, but they're willing to take the risks of being caught unprepared and having something happen."

Broome says plenty of people want to plan now so they're not fighting for potentially scarce and life-saving resources.

The store doesn't officially open for about another month, but Broome has already made a few sales from people interested in the sign, who came in while walking or driving by the store.

Charlotte already has a couple of military surplus stores. Broome says his store is more about survival.

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