GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- In a trial focused on alleged sexual abuse between coach and wrestler, the defense of former East Gaston High Wrestling Coach Scott Goins tried chipping away at one of the accuser's stories. Meanwhile, the state called the third accuser who said the coach molested him multiple times.

"There was nothing preventing you from your parents except your own choice, correct?" questioned Defense Attorney Brent Ratchford.

"Except my own fear, yes sir," responded the second accuser.

Ratchford cross examined the second accuser Wednesday morning at the Gaston County Courthouse. The former wrestler accused Scott Goins of sexually molesting him during out of town wrestling trips multiple times over seven years. Ratchford pointed to discrepancies in his accounts of the number of mental training sessions. The accuser said the Goins would take advantage of him during the mental training sessions.

The state then called the third accuser. The former wrestler told the jury Goins forced him to perform oral sex on the coach, and Goins performed oral sex on the accuser more times than he can remember throughout high school.

He said the molesting happened at the high school, Goins' apartment and on trips. He told the jury Goins also performed anal intercourse numerous times on him. He said at first he tried running from Goins, but at one point the coach cornered him in the locker room.

The third accuser, who wrestled from 2000 until 2004, said the only reason he found the courage to come forward is because he heard of other wrestlers being targeted.

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