ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Rock Hill Police say a drunk Virginia man crashed his car into a ditch Tuesday, then approached two women with his pants down looking for a ride.

Tuesday night just after 10, Rock Hill Police responded to the 1700 block of Fieldcrest Circle in Rock Hill.

Two female witnesses told officers they were sitting in their car in the Food Lion parking lot on Mt. Gallant Road when a blue 2009 Honda Civic, that was driving erratically, crossed the parking lot, went through the grass median, then across Fieldcrest Circle before crashing into a ditch on the other side of the roadway.

The two women told officers they went to check on the driver, now identified as 57-year-old Vernon Milton Jordan, of Fredricksburg, Virginia, who got out of the vehicle and walked up to the women with his pants down, exposing himself. The women told officers Jordan asked for a ride, but they both declined.

Then, according to the police report, the man asked the two witnesses if they thought he'd be charged with driving under the influence.

Two other witnesses, both males, told officers they, too, saw the vehicle driving erratically, crossing the road and slamming into the ditch.

One of the officers approached Jordan and asked if he was okay, to which he replied, "I'm drunk", according to the police report. Officers asked for Jordan's driver's license, and police say he kept handing over credit cards. After failing to complete a field sobriety test, police say Jordan kept stating he was drunk and that he shouldn't be driving.

Jordan then told officers he had consumed 12 "tallboy" Budweiser's before he got into his vehicle.

Once Jordan was transported to the Rock Hill City Jail, he completed a breath alcohol analysis, and according to police, his result was a 0.31%

Jordan is charged with driving under the influence and open container.

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