GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The third accuser of former East Gaston High wrestling coach Scott Goins told the jury Thursday the coach tried to commit suicide with his help. Goins faces several child sex crime charges.

"He told me that I can't kill myself, so you're going to have to help me because I'm going to go to hell if I do. I committed these acts against you so you're the one that should do it," said the accuser.

The accuser said the two met at the school and drove to Poston Park in April of last year and he initially choked out Goins.

"I was to put the rope around his neck at that point and twist that dial until I couldn't anymore," said the accuser.

The accuser says after twisting the rope, Goins began convulsing. After leaving the park the accuser says he got a call from Goins saying he botched the suicide. After time passed by he ultimately decided to come forward to authorities with what happened.

"It just eats at you and eats at you and eats at you. I thought about, 'Well, what if they try to use this against me,'" said the accuser.

Defense attorney Brent Ratchford cross examined the third accuser later in the afternoon and asked why he did not transfer schools or stop the relationship with Goins.

Ratchford: Your allegations continued to happen even after you had your driver's license?

Accuser: Yes sir.

Ratchford: And had a car?

Accuser: Yes sir. When you love something as much as I did, and you all of the sudden stop, people are going to start to ask questions."

The defense called the suicide attempt an assault and pointed to the accuser's dream of wrestling success.

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