GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The defense set the foundation of its case in the trial of former East Gaston High wrestling coach Scott Goins Monday.

A former assistant coach, T.J. McNellie, vouched for Goins on the stand, but the state countered his points.

"It seemed like he wanted somebody to love or for somebody to love him, and anybody that would show him attention he was right there with them almost like a little puppy dog," said McNellie while describing the third accuser in the case.

McNellie coached wrestling from 2003 until 2008 and coached the third accuser for two years.

When questioned by defense attorney Brent Ratchford, the former assistant coach said he never saw Coach Goins do anything inappropriate with wrestlers.

Ratchford: Ever see any wrestlers with Coach Goins?

McNellie: Sure

Ratchford: In his classroom?

McNellie: Mmhmm

Ratchford: In the gym?

McNellie: Mmhmm

Ratchford: After practice?

McNellie: Oh yeah.

Ratchford: Anything unusual about that?

McNellie: No.

The state countered the defense by pointing to the fact that most of the allegations against Goins in this case occurred before McNellie came on board at East Gaston High School.

The defense called former East Gaston Principal Eddie McGinnis and asked about parent complaints of Goins

Ratchford: Based on your own findings and investigation you undertook did you take any action?

McGinnis: I did not.

The state then showed McGinnis didn't know about certain allegations.

Ratchford: So when you were investigating allegations of Coach Goins smacking people on the head with a ring you did not know about his taking young wrestlers up into the mountains and striping them did you?

McGinnis: Never did.

Both the state and defense spent time questioning all the witnesses on specifics about the gym locker room and camera system at East Gaston High School. The trial resumes Wednesday morning at the Gaston County Courthouse.

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