ANSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Authorities in Anson County are investigating a shooting that left one man dead early Monday morning.

Authorities said the shooting happened at a residence on Highway 52 near the county Anson County Middle school around 1 a.m. Monday.

Family members said 22-year-old Damien Thomas was at home with his girlfriend when he was shot and killed.

"I held him he looked up and then he was gone," said a woman who lived two houses from Thomas. "I heard four loud bangs, shots."

Police said Thomas, and his girlfriend were the only two inside the house when two masked men burst inside and shot Thomas, according to police.

They did not harm the girlfriend or take anything from the house. Authorities say they are still investigating and trying to determine a motive.

"It's not unusual, but it happens and we need to catch the people who did this," said Major Charlie Little of the Anson County Sheriff's Office.

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