NEWTON, N.C. -- Newton Police and agents with the SBI searched an apartment in the complex where Maggie Daniels lived.

She was a beloved teacher and she was found murdered in her apartment exactly one month ago, on June 28.

"Oh yeah, people still talk about it. Everybody is still heartbroken over the fact a nice woman like her was murdered," said Malik Ashe, a neighbor.

Late Friday night and early Saturday morning, police searched apartment No. 52. It's several buildings over from where Daniels lived.

"We got back a little bit late and when we rolled in we seen a van. I think it was a crime scene van and a police car," said Mica Weaver, who lives a few doors down from 52.

Police won't say why they searched the residence or what they were looking for. Like the previous search warrants in the case, these have been sealed.

The murder mystery has neighbors on edge. "It may look like, wow, it's nothing going on around here but still someone got murdered it could be a next door neighbor. It could be someone across the street, it could be someone who is walking by. You don't know who it could be," said Weaver.

Police say they had a large pool of people to interview about the case; so far quite a few of them have been ruled out as persons of interest, but not the majority.

All of the evidence seized from the apartment has already been sent to the State Crime Lab in Raleigh for analysis.

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