GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A former assistant coach at East Gaston High School says he thinks the allegations of sexual abuse against Scott Goins are untrue.

"No sir, I felt compelled to tell the truth," said Terry Edge, the former assistant wrestling coach at East Gaston High School.

The state cross-examined Edge for a better part of the morning at the Gaston County Courthouse. Edge coached at the school from 2003 until 2005 with Goins. Much of the cross examination focused on out of town wrestling events. All three accusers of Goins say they were sexually molested during trips.

"You were in your room with the heavy weights and the defendant was in the room with the light weights," questioned District Attorney Locke Bell.

"Yes sir," responded Edge.

Edge said from the stand he felt slighted by the accusers because they did not come to him with what happened and later told the jury he feels the allegations are untrue.

"Did you see any item or actions that would have drawn your suspicions towards Scott Goins?" questioned Defense Attorney Brent Ratchford.

"No sir, I would not have let my son wrestle for somebody if I had any doubt, not one thing, never," said Edge.

The defense later called former wrestler, Charles Mauldin, who wrestled with all three of the accusers. During cross examination Mauldin said he would have sounded the alarm if he knew of abuse.

"You would not have allowed a little wrestler to say anything," questioned Bell.

"No I would not have allowed that to happen. If somebody that small, if anybody on that team would have come to me and said they was sexually molested I wouldn't have kept that quiet," said Mauldin.

Goins' nephew Tyler took the stand on behalf of the defense, and said one of the accusers felt wronged by Goins after being let go from a coaching position.

"There was times he wouldn't show up... whether he wanted to say he didn't feel good or just didn't feel like coming," said Tyler.

In cross-examination, the state tried to prove the accuser in question never showed animosity toward Coach Goins. The trial resumes Thursday.

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