NEWTON, N.C. -- Neighbors in the Windsor Apartment complex in Newton say they don't know much about the man who lives in unit 52.

Investigators working the murder of Newton school teacher Margret Daniels spent nine hours searching unit 52 earlier this week.

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The unit is just steps away from Daniels' unit where she was found dead on her bedroom floor June 28.

Police have never revealed how she was killed or said if they have a suspect.

Joey McCorkle is the apartment complex janitor.

He said he saw the man after police were done with the search of unit 52.

"He was here Monday this week, 'cause I saw him," McCorkle said.

He has not been seen since and a white van he is known to have driven has also not been seen by anyone for several days.

McCorkle and other neighbors say the man, who they only know by a nickname, lives there with his mother.

Neighbors said the man did some work detailing cars in the area.

One woman said she remembered the man startled her by coming up behind her once, asking if she needed a car detailed.

She said he made no move to harm her but she had not forgotten the incident.

There was no answer at the door to unit 52 today, or any time since the search.

Asked what the man was like, McCorkle said, "He always talked nice to me and his mama always talked nice to me."

McCorkle hopes there is going to be a break soon that leads to the arrest of the person who killed Daniels, who McCorkle remembers seeing for the last time that Friday before her body was found.

"I saw her at 11 that Friday and never saw no more of her," he said.

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