NEWTON, N.C. -- Newton Police are hoping evidence they collected this week will provide the break they are looking for as they continue the investigation into the murder of 31-year-old Margret Daniels.

The newest evidence was taken during a nine-hour search of an apartment in the same complex where the murdered school counselor lived.

Daniels' body was found sprawled on the floor of her bedroom June 28. Investigators have not released any information on how she was killed.

Investigators armed with two search warrants entered an apartment in the same complex around midnight last Saturday night.

Something they found inside led them to ask for a third search warrant.

Items that were removed from the unit are now being tested at the state crime lab, and investigators are waiting for those test results.

Newton Police say they cannot discuss why that particular unit was searched, saying "serious harm" could result if any additional information is released.

Friday will be five weeks since Daniels was last seen alive after leaving a local Walmart.

Newton residents like Margaret Gibbs say they just want answers.

"It could be a neighbor. It could be a man who lives in the apartments there. We just don't know," said Gibbs.

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