YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- One person was arrested and seven other cited after deputies report busting an underage drinking party.

Just before midnight on Saturday, York County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the 100 block of Ross Road near Highway 161 in York after a resident reported an "out of control" house party.

One of the responding deputies spotted someone they knew to be under the age of 21, and proceeded to advise the homeowner to have everyone exit the home to verify their age.

Five people were spotted with bloodshot eyes, authorities say, prompting the deputies to perform the "Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus" test, which deputies say led to positive indicators. Another officer was called out to then administer breathalyzer tests on those suspects.

Deputies then asked the renters of the home, Joseph Aaron Montgomery and Jaitaivius Traquan Littlejohn, if they could step inside; that's when, the Sheriff's Office says, the deputies noted the odor of marijuana. Montgomery and Littlejohn consented to a search, which led officers to find a partially-smoked joint in the kitchen, along with two baggies of marijuana in two different bedrooms.

A 19-year-old girl was found sleeping in one of the bedrooms, and also indicated alcohol use during the HGN test, officials say. That girl, along with renter Montgomery and the the five suspects administered the HGN test, were each cited for minor in possession of beer.

Littlejohn was arrested for possession of marijuana and transfer of beer to a minor.

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