GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The dialogue gets heated in the Scott Goins trial as the state gets its first opportunity to cross examine Gary "Scott" Goins; the former East Gaston High Wrestling Coach faces child sex charges.

"Goins: Everything you've talked about for the last three weeks has been hazing.

Bell: Not oral sex, it's not hazing is it?

Goins: No it's not.

Bell: Not anal sex, it's not hazing, are they?

Goins: No sir.

Bell: And that's why you went to Mr. Ratchford rather than talk to police?

Goins; No sir."

District Attorney Locke Bell cross examined Goins about when he learned he was being investigated and for what reason. Goins told the jury he didn't learn about the sexual allegations until he was arrested. The state tried to discredit that testimony and later asked Goins about staying overnight with smaller wrestlers the majority of the time.

Early in the day Goins denied involvement in multiple hazing incidents and got chippy with Bell during response.

The state later questioned Goins about the alleged suicide or assault on him at Poston Park. Bell pointed to Goins' inability to remember anything from that incident last year.

"I don't remember what happened is actually a pretty good solution when you can't come up with an explanation for what happened," questioned Bell.

"I don't know what happened is pretty much the only solution when you can't come up with what happened," said Goins.

Goins spent the entire day on the stand and court resumes Wednesday morning.

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