Eddie Clyde Helms was arrested early Tuesday morning for two murders that occurred 24 years apart.

"I suspect he thought he had gotten away with the Anson County case," said Anson County Sheriff Tommy Allen.

The 61-year-old suspect is accused of killing John Griffin, III, back in 1988 at his home in Peachland, and Charles Godwin at his home in Marshville two years ago.

Anson and Union County Sheriff's Deputies worked on the case along with State Bureau of Investigation Agents.

"Very cowardly acts, both shots from ambush, both shot from hidden positions," said Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey.

Cathey says that both victim were shot with a 12-gauge shotgun; the other thing both victims have in common is Helms considered them romantic rivals, deputies say.

"We developed a pattern of stalking by Mr. Helms over a period of years that led to further this investigation and tie it all in together," said Cathey.

Helms neighbors always had their suspicions about him, because deputies had questioned him in both cases, but were never able to make the case until Tuesday morning.

"I like the guy, I can't say nothing bad about him," said Marvin Medley, a neighbor.

NBC Charlotte caught up with Godwin's father, who said the family is relieved there has been an arrest.

For all of the law enforcement agencies involved, the message is simple.

"The message is we never give up on a murder case, even when there is a dead end," said Allen.

Helms has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, stalking and shooting into an occupied dwelling. He is in the Union County Jail under no bond.

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