CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Brandon Brewer was supposed to have his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. He's accused of going on a Sunday shotgun shooting spree injuring two Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers and a 10-year-old girl.

But sources tell NBC Charlotte that the suspect was on suicide watch at the Mecklenburg County Jail and so the hearing was postponed.

"That's why I'm fixing to go and check on him right now," said Shannon Brewer, the sister of the suspect.

She came to court hoping to see him and was disappointed that the hearing was postponed.

"There are some critical charges but we as a family will get through them, that's my brother and I don't judge him for nothing," she said.

Brewer is facing 26 charges and his bond has been set at more than $1 million, even though he didn't have his first appearance he was given a bond hearing date of August 29.

His sister paints quite a different picture of her brother than the one we've seen so far.

"He's a great loving person, he's a caring person he loves everybody and he takes care of his family," she said.

Shannon Brewer also apologized for her brother and said he didn't intend to shoot the 10 year old.

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