CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A fight broke out inside of a Mecklenburg County courtroom Tuesday in a hearing for a suspect in an officer-involved shooting.

NBC Charlotte's Glenn Counts was in court awaiting a trial for Brandon Brewer, a suspect arrested after two officers were shot over the weekend.

He says he was looking at his notepad when he suddenly heard screams.

The fight happened before the Brewer hearing in the same room, during an appearance for a suspect in another officer-involved shooting. Raphael White, 30, is facing murder charge in connection with the death of Bias Easley. Easley was found gunned down outside of his Charlotte home in June.

At least two men were throwing punches while others tried to stop it. The pod moved its way to the front of the courtroom. Deputies were able to quickly control the situation.

"'The deputies had sensed the tension that was going to occur in the courtroom. The immediately got on the radio and called for some additional help right before the incident occurred. That was the reason why the response was so immediate," Capt. Charles Young said.

Easley worked as a corrections officer. Trevor White has been charged as an accessory.

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Authorities say the fight happened when family members objected. The suspect's and victim's families were kicked out of court.

Media was allowed to return shortly after.

There are no reports of serious injuries.

The hearing continued peacefully.

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