DAVIDSON, N.C. -- Davidson Police are investigating the suspicious death of a 41-year-old woman. Sarah Long's body was found in her townhouse located on Old Meeting Way last month.

The Medical Examiner says that she was shot once in the left side of her head; at first glance the case appeared to be a suicide.

But investigators kept digging and found a lot of things that don't add up.

Long had a bubbly personality and worked at Lowe's as a buyer. Despite the middle class lifestyle, court documents say the 41-year-old might have been worth more than a million dollars.

"She always spoke, she came and helped me with my fireplace when I needed it lit, she was just a nice person," said Edwin Williamson a neighbor.

Police were called out to the residence July 23rd, by Long's new boyfriend. He was concerned because he had not seen her for a few days. That's when they found the body.

They met seven months ago and had been dating for two months. A few days after the discovery police say he presented a document that claimed she had left him 100 percent of her assets.

Court documents say that the boyfriend told police that Long suffered from terminal cancer and was suicidal. He claimed she was lethargic and unable to do anything for herself.

Neighbors strongly disagree.

"I done seen people die of cancer they just wither away they don't have no get up and go about them, but this girl was up walking, jogging," said Bruce Collins, who lived a few doors down.

"She might have lost some weight, but she was always outside exercising," said Williamson.

Neighbors also have a hard time believing that she would have taken her own life. "Not to me because like I said she was in good spirits," said Collins who saw her out a few days before her death.

Davidson Police are asking for help. Anyone with information that can help solve this case is asked to call Detective Vernon Siders at 704-940-9635.

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