NEWTON, N.C. -- The Catawba County District Attorney's office will seek the death penalty in the case of murdered Newton high school teacher and counselor Margaret Daniels.

Investigators have charged one of the neighbors in her apartment complex, 34-year-old Sharman Odom, with sexually assaulting and strangling her.

On Thursday, search warrants from the case were unsealed for the first time and paint a picture of Odom as someone who had been watching Daniels, almost to the point of stalking her.

In the affidavit for the warrants, investigators said at least two witnesses saw Odom near Daniels' end-unit apartment on June 27, the day she was last seen alive.

She had been photographed by a security camera at a Walmart earlier in the day wearing pink running shorts.

The warrants say her body was found the following morning by a neighbor.

Investigators wrote that Daniels was found dressed only in the same pink shorts.

The warrants said she had ligature marks on her neck and items in her bedroom had been broken or damaged, indicating a struggle.

A container of "Scrubbing Bubbles" with bleach was also found leading investigators to believe Odom tried to clean up after the murder.

DNA evidence was found on the body and investigators also found bits of hair in between Daniels' fingers.

One neighbor told police Odom showed him pictures of Daniels that Odom apparently downloaded from Daniels Twitter or Instagram accounts.

The mother of Daniels' boyfriend told police she caught Odom staring at Daniels when she would sun bathe outside and actually called him on it.

Around Newton, Thursday there was near unanimous support for the death penalty if Odom is convicted.

"I think people will be pleased with the death penalty but like myself, sad that it had to happen," said Andree Herman as she walked down the town's Main Street.

She added, "I feel sorry for his mother, but I think it's the right thing."

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