NEWTON, N.C. -- More search warrants were unsealed Friday from the investigation into the murder of Margaret Daniels, the popular Newton school teacher and guidance counselor who was found dead in her apartment on June 28.

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The newly unsealed warrants provide details not known before about the scene in Daniels' apartment where her body was found on the floor of her bedroom.

Affidavits supporting the warrants say she was found on her stomach, dressed only in a pair of pink running shorts that were on inside out.

Blood had pooled by her nose and there were ligature marks on her neck.

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Investigators wrote that a broken full length mirror was across the foot of the bed with some kind of clear liquid on it.

The bedspread and a sheet had both been balled up and left on the bed.

The light was left on in her closet and a cabinet over the toilet was open.

The affidavit says the TV in the living room was on and the rest of the apartment appeared normal.

An autopsy showed the 31-year-old Daniels had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

Search warrants released Thursday indicated a container of "Scrubbing Bubbles" with bleach was also found and investigators believe the killer used it to try to clean up after the murder.

After weeks of gathering evidence and questioning residents of the complex, police arrested 34-year-old Sharman Odom, who lived in a unit not far from Daniels.

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The District Attorney's Office has indicated that prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Odom when he is brought to trial.

As Newton prepares for the long holiday weekend, some here say the murder has changed the small town for good.

Phyllis Saine, who was headed for lunch Friday afternoon said, "I think people lock their doors when they didn't used to lock their doors. More security systems. I think the town is more aware of what can happen since Maggie's passing."

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