MONROE, N.C. -- Monroe Police are looking for two men who committed a violent armed robbery at a Food Lion at 100 East Sunset Drive.

Police say the suspects ambushed an employee early Sunday Morning around 6:30, allegedly pistol-whipping him as he placed the key in the lock and was about to walk in.

"With the way they assaulted the employee there, I would consider them more dangerous," said Monroe Police Lieutenant Joe Plyler.

Police released a surveillance photo of the robbery; you can see the suspects all covered up, dressed in black and one of the employees on the floor after he had been pistol whipped again.

"That's crazy-- it was just nonsense," said shopper Mycalah Farley.

Police say that the two men left on foot, and because they were all covered up they didn't get a good description, but one of the suspects wore a distinctive pair of tennis shoes that officers are hoping someone will recognize.Officers say that both suspects were armed.

"People get desperate, they do desperate things, they will hit anything when they get desperate," said customer Jimmie Helms.

Monroe Police hope to catch them before that desperation leads to another robbery, they are asking anyone with information to please call them at 704-282-4700.

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