CHARLOTTE, N.C . -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police investigated a daring armored truck robbery Friday afternoon.

Officers say that 32-year-old Deron Mackie pulled a gun on the driver who was restocking a Cash Points A.T.M. located in the 5400 block of North Tryon Street.

Police responded to the area within seconds and it paid off.

"Shortly after the call, an officer observed a person matching that description walking into the wood-line near the incident location. We immediately set up a perimeter," said North Tryon Division Captain Rob Dance.

The suspect was not difficult to spot at that point because officers say he was wearing all black and had on a ski mask.

At some point Mackie allegedly changed clothes and left the money in the woods, and tried to slip through the perimeter.

"It's our belief at this time that the suspect saw the police set up a perimeter around his location and walked out to two officers at which point he was detained," said Dance.

The driver was not harmed and briefly spoke to Karen Robertson, a friend.

"He looked shook up like anybody would be, young kid, I just couldn't do what he does no way," she said.

Mackie has been charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Police found the clothes, the cash and the gun in the woods.

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