CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From President Obama to professional athletes, fist bumpers are everywhere and now we know it's not just the cool thing to do, but a healthy one.

The American Journal of Infection Control says handshakes spread 10 times more bacteria than fist bumps. For some in Charlotte like Andre Gerhardt, that's made them bumpers for life.

"You don't know if they've got the flu or anything, you don't know if they washed their hands, if they've got hand sanitizer," Gerhardt said.

For others like Yesod Williams, shaking hands is worth the risk of all its germs.

"You can't live in fear, bro. You can't live in fear," Williams said.

Dr. Mary Lou Manning says even the fist bump isn't an ideal alternative to avoid germs.

"Rather than replacing the handshake with something else that has contact, probably the better approach to keep patients safe is really not to do it at all," Manning said.

One thing is clear for Charlotteans we spoke with: germs or not, there are certain situations where the shake must happen. For Stephanie Grant, that applies to her boyfriend when he meets her dad.

"Yes, or I don't think he'll be invited back," Grant said.

Roy Granato says if he's interviewing a candidate, they better shake his hand, not go for the fist bump.

"Would I hire them? Most likely not," Granato said.

The study also says "High 5's" spread more germs than fist bumps, but only half as much bacteria as handshakes.

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