CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- SIM Missionaries announced Sunday morning that some of its missionary staff in Liberia will be returning to Charlotte.

Charlottean Nancy Writebol, a missionary with Charlotte-SIM, returned to U.S. soil last week after contracting the Ebola virus.

Writebol returned just days after Samaritan's Purse's Doctor Kent Brantly, who also tested positive for the Ebola virus while working to stop the outbreak of the virus in West Africa. Writebol and Brantly were brought back to the U.S. one-at-a-time in a specialized plane. Both Writebol and Brantly are receiving treatment at Emory Hospital in Atlanta.

SIM tells NBC Charlotte they're working closely with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services' Public Health Division, along with the Mecklenburg County Health Department to prepare for the arrival of the missionaries and their families back to Charlotte.

As a precautionary measure, each person returning to U.S. soil from West Africa will be quarantined for 21 days. That requirement applies to any staff member or person returning who were exposed to Ebola within 21 days of their arrival.

Officials have not yet said when the Americans will make their way back.

Public health officials encouraged citizens Sunday saying the measures they're taking are preventative and there is no public health concern at this time.

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