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WADESBORO, N.C. -- The Wadesboro Police Department says neither driver in the head-on collision that claimed 13-month-old Alexis Hooper's life on Christmas Day, had signs of impairment.

Both drivers, Alex Hooper of the Volkswagen Jetta, and Clay Davis of the Dodge Intrepid, police say, were cleared of any kind of alcohol, narcotic or pharmaceutical impairment.

Officers also say they have no reason to believe fatigue was a contributing factor in the crash.

Investigators believe the Hooper's vehicle was traveling around the posted speed limit of 55 mph, while the Davis' vehicle appears to have been going about 45 mph.

Police investigators met with the District Attorney's Office and presented evidence and their findings from the crash; a decision on whether charges will be filed has not yet been made.

The head-on collision between the two vehicles left Kelsey and Alex's 13-month-old daughter deceased, and left the couple hospitalized, along with Alex's younger brother, Caleb.

The Hooper family was returning home to Gastonia from attending a family Christmas gathering at the time of the accident.

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