CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ten architects are doing their best to answer this question: What is a Charlotte-style home? They created their own renditions and now it's all up for a vote to see who the winner is.

Michael Kazak is one of the architects who volunteered their skills and creativity for the "Reframing Charlotte" competition.

"Homes look the same, they function the same, so this competition's calling to create an architecture unique to Charlotte was very interesting," Kazak said.

Jennifer Underwood is still a student at UNC Charlotte hoping that her historical rendition is the top vote-getter.

"It would mean that people really respect the idea of paying homage to a neighborhood that has been lost," Underwood said.

The entries were submitted in April and since then, they've been on display around the city while the voting takes place.

Jim Kirby and Rick Kazebee teamed up for an economic, and energy efficient drawing.

"The big thing for me was accessibility of quality to all income levels, not just high dollar," Kirby said.

Since it was a voluntary competition, there isn't a prize for the winner, but a breakfast will be held on October 8 to announce the voting results. The competition was organized by the Charlotte Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Mecklenburg Times.

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