CORNELIUS, N.C. -- A Lake Cornelius family says waves caused by Lake Norman YMCA boats and boaters are responsible for several feet of their shoreline eroding over the last couple of years.

The Richard family brought their concerns to NBC Charlotte and now the Lake Norman YMCA is taking action.

"These boats have no respect. They get in front of the house and they gun it," said daughter Juanita Honeycutt, whose parents live on Catawba Road across from the Lake Norman YMCA boat ramp and dock.

The family videotaped a boat, jet ski and inner tube cruising through their cove Tuesday, which caused waves to slam into their yard. That yard includes 400 feet of shoreline.

"It's almost like ocean waves coming in. It's very choppy. They are coming up over the bank," Honeycutt said.

She showed us several erosion spots in the yard and says the yard is about 6 feet smaller than it was a couple years ago due to wave-induced erosion.

"It dips in again right here," Honeycutt said while showing one of the spots.

Honeycutt say they've asked the YMCA several times to slow their boats or help them build a sea wall but get no cooperation.

Wednesday, YMCA officials say those concerns never reached their executive director until after we started doing the story.

Lake rules say wakes must be at least 50 yards from docks.

Honeycutt says YMCA boaters violate that regularly, and they've watched a YMCA speed boat do full throttle "crazy 8's" in their cove.

The family says waves are partially responsible for destroying their deck over time. Their paddleboat sank yesterday due to the waves.

YMCA officials say they met with the Richard family Wednesday afternoon, take their concerns seriously and are working on solutions.

They didn't know the area was a no wake zone and will comply with all rules and regulations.

It could impact an adaptive water skiing program for kids with disabilities

The Lake Norman Marine Commission says runoff is typically the biggest culprit when it comes to erosion, but waves are also part of the problem.

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