CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Workers at a Charlotte auto body shop are cleaning up after a 3-alarm fire caused thousands of dollars in damage. There were even some customers' vehicles inside when the building went up in flames.

Fire does $115K in damage to Charlotte auto body shop

Gregory Stockes' truck was there at Lopez Body Shop Wednesday night, the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I was looking at the news last night at about 11:00 and I saw an uncontrollable fire that was out of control, so I said, Lord that looks like the place where my truck was!" Stockes said.

One day later, $115,000 in damage means a lot to clean up for owner Omar Hernandez and his workers.

Putting out the blaze Wednesday night was also no easy task, as over 60 firefighters were on scene and at one point one of them briefly went missing. The rest of them began a search.

"These are guys they work with, they've known for long periods of time," said Battalion Chief Keith Rogers. "It's a very difficult situation."

Fortunately he was found quickly, but if he wasn't, Rogers says there was a "rapid intervention team" in place.

"Their job is to be on standby if anything happens to a firefighter or group of firefighters," Rogers said. "They go in and rescue and assist the firefighters and bring them outside."

Made up of four men carrying bags filled with masks and tanks of air, Rogers says they have a team designated for every fire they respond to.

"You just have to be on guard every call that you go to whether it's a large fire or a small fire."

The fire department says the fire was caused by an unattended battery jumper box charging a vehicle at the shop.

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