CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Houston, Texas School District came to Charlotte Friday to recruit some of North Carolina's finest educators, and they brought the bank.

Teachers say Houston is paying up and they're ready to go!

"I'm excited. It's a new chapter."

Ricky Ferguson walked out of the Hilton in Uptown with a new job.

"I'm walking away with a contract in hand. I am doubling my North Carolina salary by moving back to Texas, with a $5,000 stipend move," said Ferguson.

He used to teach in Texas, but has been teaching in Union County the past year. He has his Masters in science and heard Houston School District was recruiting teachers, specifically in bilingual education, secondary math and science, as well as Special Ed. So Ferguson was offered a job on the spot.

"Specific is 8-12 high school science, and my composite certification serves any of the sciences in Texas," said Ferguson.

Blowing his current pay out the door.

"Thirty-five thousand dollars a year to teach with a Masters is a not a lot. That merely pays the bills," said Ferguson.

Money is what brought Cumberland County teacher, Tammy Britt to the job fair.

"They are very much realistic about the money, starting pay $49,000 quite a jump when you're still on beginning teacher pay after five years," said Britt.

She didn't walk away with an offer, but says she would move if she got one in the future.

"If you can do it, really why not," said Britt.

In fact, she says, North Carolina is already starting to lose great teachers to other states.

"In Cumberland County we just Dr. Till make the announcement we're 100 teachers short this coming up year," said Britt.

And now Union County has one less science teacher.

"My family is here but, the money for teaching and my credentials are not here so I have to follow what's best for me," said Ferguson.

The Houston School District didn't want the media inside the actual job fair. Before coming here to Charlotte, they held fairs in Greensboro and Raleigh.

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