CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Charlotte City Council members voted Monday night to put the city's investment plan on the 2014 November ballot.

The city voted on the plan in 2013, setting aside revenues from a property tax increase. Voters in November will decided if the allocated funds will be used as outlined in the plan.

The Community Investment plan includes four bond referendums that will be implemented starting this year and every two years until 2020.

Charlotte's Interim finance Director, Randy Harrington says the $816.4 million dollar plan is designed to meet the needs of a growing community.

"The community investments plan focus on three areas livability, second, getting around the city and supporting job growth," he said.

Close to $145 million is marked for 2014, and an estimated 76% of that will go towards building the city's transportation infrastructure.

"Efficient transportation is one of the key elements in the city, not only roads, but access to transit and bikeways and sidewalks," said Harrington.

The 2014 referendum includes improving street connections along Independence Boulevard to Monroe Road, the building of two bridges on the city's northeast side, and adding alternative access for pedestrians and cyclists to the blue line extension.

The remaining funds will go towards neighborhoods and housing.

Three facilities projects will not be part of the vote, but comes from the same funding source. It includes a Joint Communication Center, Bojangles Redevelopment, and Westover Police Station.

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